Monday, 24 November 2008

17th November Week

I have just finshed my 2D and 3D walks for the first time. The 2D one I did loads of because I didnt think through the timing. When I actually took the time to think each step through and play it out in my head it worked much better than my other ones even though it is effectively one step, I should have really done double the amount of frames and played out the whole thing so it would flow but I was trying to get the 3D girl working. I have found that I work best when I concentrate on one movement at a time eg. legs then arms ....
The 3D I struggled with as I still dont know enough about Maya. I havent touched the Graph Editor or the Dope Sheet as I dont know how they work and need to ask again as it obviously all went straight over my head. However the walk isnt to bad considering it was done with a few key frames, I loved having an actual character that you could really play around with. It made it so much more rewarding. For my first Maya walk I am relatively pleased but there is so many improvements to be made. It doesnt seem to let me do play blasts either which must be something I am doing wrong even though I have asked others.....
The Life drawing I am still struggling with Kathy got it spot on when she said I want it to be perfect when I draw the outline so I dont go loose enough. When others are better than you, you want to take the time to get the scaling right etc and I take longer. When we did the one where you dont look at your paper it turned out really well. Admitedly I did have a glance every now and then as did everyone. I need to work on sketching at speed and being more confident with my drawings. I think its because I always draw characters or charactures so I always exaggerate everything to make it more interesting. Life drawing is obviously different in that your trying to replicate the weight and mood of the character through sketches.
History is going ok, I really enjoy it when Annes chatting away but then we get completly off point and it turns into something completly random and I either drift off into my notepad with my pen or zone out, eg today Jonnie trying to justify Rape can be enjoyable. With my fantasticly short attention span, it's a struggle to get back into what was actually being talked about.
Finally Matt and I have made a good start on Triangle since yesterday, we have looked at the aesthetics and influences so far. I know I can pull the ideas and info together but its putting them across without rambling when we actually come to do it. I also realised I am going to find it hard to share the control when we talk so we will actually have to pre determine who is going to say what which makes it quite different and hard for me. Hopefully it will go alright but we are going to have to get it sorted by Thursday as I am off at the weekend. Good times.

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