Thursday, 4 December 2008

4th December

I really enjoyed last weeks animations, being able to give the animations a bit more character was a challenge but really fun. Maya seemed to flow so much easier this week my 3D I managed to do really quickly and simply and its alright still the timing is a little slow but I didn't want to play around with it to much in case it all went wrong. The 2D I spent a while getting the legs and arms right he is supposed to be a Happy little chap and I thought I would incorporate a bit of character into his face but I got the timing and drawings wrong on his face so they accelerate. The reason for my error is that the symmetry of the frames is wrong on the legs so there are less frames in the 2nd leg movement. Live and learn.....

I managed to sleep through all of the life drawings this week which was annoying as we where doing the walks I found out, super smooth on my behalf so this week I am using Stephs filming and doing my own interpretation off hers. This week I have felt really tired and run down and just can't get my head around it so far. I really want this set to be the best so far but its not looking great.

The presentation was alright, had a few shakes. I was trying to make it a bit more involving and not just read everything out which made it probably a little bit too colloquial and I should really have referred to my notes more. I was surprised how Matt and I worked quite well together considering we are both so keen to get our point across and often talk over each other generally. Looking forward to checking out how we fared this week, I never normally care but I haven't done group presentations for years and I would like to see how bad we were.#

Life drawing wasn't too bad today I'm still distinctly average if not below which sucks but I felt some of the sketches today were not too bad. I loved using the colours for them it makes it so much more involving then just pencil or charcoal. Anyways......

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