Monday, 1 June 2009


Anyway in short thats all I can get to upload on here. It does feel very pointless now doing this post animation . My fault there in hindsight should keep a diary of it as you go along I just find myself getting caught up in the fun parts. As its probably my last blog I want to make a few aims for next year so I can look back at this and remind myself:
  • Learn Maya and at least experiment with 3D
  • Spend way less time stuck in work and transfer some of this time into animation time and give myself more free time. (referring to 3rd term)
  • Ask people for help if I am feeling stuck - early as opposed to dodging till its too late
  • Get a really good grasp of After Effects when combined with 2D animation or basically an improved knowledge of the Adobe Suite
  • Keep improving with pen tablet on photoshop with backgrounds and textures etc as its one of my favourite parts

Final Scene

This final scene above is supposed to be over the top and have a little bit of a fantasy element to it. It is the scene as Winnie returns from reminising but I thought it would work best if we brought Winnie back into her version of Hayle. There are so many things I would add now and change its annoying to look at.

Below are some of the parts I did. The video on the left if more to depict the background for the first scene as I dont have an RGB format Jpegs with me. The animation on the bottom right was done by Steph. I coloured her which is quite tedious. Alex and I wanted to do so much more to her in terms of texturing but time did not allow for this.

Bacgkrounds and stuff that will upload from project

Some backgrounds and stuff

Another background

After doing the concepts for all the scenes we combined these with the groups work and pulled what everyone had done together. I would put the concepts up on here but they are in CYMK format so the colours are all wrong and I cant edit them of this laptop. The above is one of the quick sketches I did on photoshop after the initial concepts as I tried to work out an interesting landscape that depicted Hayle in a morbid way. I started taking aspects from Hayle town itself from visists and photos of the place. There is the Hayle river that runs through the town with the bridges and also the church I thought would give it more of a mark as a place. I did't use these sketchs but it was one that led into the further backgrounds. At the time I was going for a camera movement through Hayle town to come to focus on the bench itself with Winnie on it but I soon changed my mind on that idea. (Above right - a concept idea for the sea scene)

I finally worked up a Final background and colour pallette for both the scenes, this was the final background at the time for the final scene.

Initial Conceptual Designs

I spend a while looking at various work and started on trying to depict the first and final scenes to get the contrast right. I wanted the first scene to be extremely morbid and to perceive Hayle as a complete polar to how Winnie saw it. I looked at characturizing the scenes to do this. The houses had to have character so did any trees. For the initial concepts of these 2 I drew out loads of different settings but all focussed around a bench from which Winnie would be reminising from. The above are some of the inspiration for the morbid scene.

Some Character Designs

At the beginning of the project I had a doodle for some characters that kind of characturised me, it varied from being slightly dozy to bright and cheerful. Its one of my favourite parts of animation. Character design is really hard to keep simple but be effective. I don't think I have a natural talent in it but It is really fun.