Monday, 1 June 2009

After doing the concepts for all the scenes we combined these with the groups work and pulled what everyone had done together. I would put the concepts up on here but they are in CYMK format so the colours are all wrong and I cant edit them of this laptop. The above is one of the quick sketches I did on photoshop after the initial concepts as I tried to work out an interesting landscape that depicted Hayle in a morbid way. I started taking aspects from Hayle town itself from visists and photos of the place. There is the Hayle river that runs through the town with the bridges and also the church I thought would give it more of a mark as a place. I did't use these sketchs but it was one that led into the further backgrounds. At the time I was going for a camera movement through Hayle town to come to focus on the bench itself with Winnie on it but I soon changed my mind on that idea. (Above right - a concept idea for the sea scene)

I finally worked up a Final background and colour pallette for both the scenes, this was the final background at the time for the final scene.

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