Monday, 1 June 2009


Anyway in short thats all I can get to upload on here. It does feel very pointless now doing this post animation . My fault there in hindsight should keep a diary of it as you go along I just find myself getting caught up in the fun parts. As its probably my last blog I want to make a few aims for next year so I can look back at this and remind myself:
  • Learn Maya and at least experiment with 3D
  • Spend way less time stuck in work and transfer some of this time into animation time and give myself more free time. (referring to 3rd term)
  • Ask people for help if I am feeling stuck - early as opposed to dodging till its too late
  • Get a really good grasp of After Effects when combined with 2D animation or basically an improved knowledge of the Adobe Suite
  • Keep improving with pen tablet on photoshop with backgrounds and textures etc as its one of my favourite parts

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