Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Lately I have been so busy, I had completely forgotten to write this blog of events. So here we go..

Essay, I decided to go with the CGI and realism question with my essay as it was the one that I was most interested in when studying the readings. I found that I have a real problem with structuring and argument and I feel as though I may have not focussed on one subject enough. I did alot of research but it did feel as although it was somewhat of a 'hightlights of the best arguments for realism'. Paul Wells was at the epicentre of this as was Moskovich as they raised some really good points. However I did feel it was little restricting and hard not to voice your opinion. It was only the final page I really got my own thoughts down properly and I feel it may have deviated away from what I had been talking about throughout the rest of the essay.

I found I got really into the research of certain authors and it did make me think alot more in terms of where animation is coming from and going, but I still hate writing with a passion. I think I will find the disertation we do next year, ( I think) really hard. Anway so glad its over with. I think the main problem for the essay was that it took the focus away from what I really wanted to do which was to learn Maya and get really into the background art...

Background Art

What I love about coming out of the workshop/lectures is that you always leave with loads of ideas and really want to get them down and out. Kathy showed us her background art and it was awesome & I just wanted to go out and get on it myself. In the end though it ended up taking a backseat priority which was in hindisight really stupid of me. In order of prioritys it went: Essay, Maya, Backgrounds. Yet It should have been the reverse, it was only because I felt more confident with the background art. Leaving it till the day before didn't really do me any favours but something was always going to suffer. My final background I did on canvas in oils & I found myself as always captured by the concept art and amazing colours invisaged from Pixar and also a combination of artists studied at A Level. I actually love the Ratatouille concept art and I really admire the artists who produce such mood inspiring work. My final pieces did lack the professionalism and slick look that was required, they wouldn't fit in as backgrounds to be animated on at their current look, I would personally be embarassed.

MAYA - Interior Background

This was literally a crash course of modelling in Maya, a lot of the stuff george had taught us had vanished out my head.

What george had taught us provided a really solid foundation for producing the room. I produced a train using the Learn Maya book to remind me of all the tools that could be used. I then went on to model the room. I found I really enjoyed doing this once I knew where the tools were to actaully be a little creative. The texturing and lighting didn't look great but I got the general effect Iwas going for. I found this exercise really useful in cementing a lot of Maya knowledge
My favourite aspect of my room was the train. It took me ages to model but stupidly as I went to save it again the PC crashed and I lost half of it so I cut my loses and went with it. The lighting on it was fun to do, trying to recreate a metallic look. I'm definatly going to keep teaching myself Maya from the books I bought for this once I get my PC working again.

We have been set today the Ident project. This sounds awesome, with the lack of real specs its allowing us to be really creative and let ourselves explore what we already know. It also is going to allow us to build on one area really specifically. I have a lot of ideas swimming around but I think the best ones will hit me when I'm not really thinking about it, this tends to be the case, so I wont settle on anything just yet. Can't wait!