Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Week 3 Review

The 3rd week so far I have really enjoyed so far. The history seminar was really interesting though I found this weeks readings hard going, plus the fact I cannot access them on my moodle for some reason. Among the films we watched this week my favourites had to be one of the Loony Tunes classics which I had never seen. Also the Tim Burton style film was awesome , I just think the style is so Burton and it gives it something a bit different, characterizing everything in such a sharp way gives everything a sharp edge.

The 3D this week I did not enjoy as much as previous weeks as I found it a lot more challenging - the bouncing ball using the excel spreadsheet thing I need to get used to, its very time consuming and I quite like doing it manually as opposed to trial and error but I guess as I learn the program more I will become more adept at it quicker, we shall see. I really want to learn how to use Illustrator and to improve my knowledge on Photoshop but I have no idea how to join the classes which I need to look into.

2D again I really really enjoyed, though it is time consuming it gives you so much more satisfaction to see your drawings in action even if it is only for a second or two, just so you can see how you have improved from the week before in terms of timing, anticipation and squash and stretch. We did the Jumping Man in simplistic form again however it was on a flat surface and we had to consider the landing more at the end, I got the anticipation right I feel and the timing for the majority apart from at the peak of the jump was good. The landing though was maybe a bit to quick it needs a few more frames at the end. Also I just watched it again and the volume is maybe slightly off on compression...... live and learn.

I have started drawing once a day however I started painting one which has put a stop to that but I just really wanted to, so I need to get back into the daily sketching. Life drawing tomorrow I shall blog after that to see how I got on

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Andy Wyatt said...

A promising start. It needs more visuals and movies and continue to ask yourself questions, so for example upload some work and discuss what went well and what didn't. What you would do to make it better the next time. Also, has anything that Kathy or Ann has said relate to your animation work. You will find this a really good resource in the future