Tuesday, 14 October 2008

My first Week - Animation

The first weeks been awesome and so far the second even better, the only part I havent enjoyed has been life drawing and that was because I feel really rusty and way off the pace at the moment. I'm going to practice drawing people and skeltons in the evenings every day to improve my skills as I have never really studied the human body at all just colour, moods, speed and the outdoors. I never really involved people and its probably time I did as I am doing animation. Its crazy to consider how much work has gone into doing a cartoon or any animation after doing a few exercises, theres so much to think about! I loved doing the 2D animation today using the squash and stretch and anticipation with the simple characters, it's really rewarding once you have done it, though I think I needed more frames in between. As with Maya its an awesome programme one I can imagine I could become quite addicted to as there is so much to learn though it seems really easy to get lost, my ball bouncing was ok though a little shaky I guess you can only get better. My favourite part of the week so far though has to be "screening" I thought that Triangle by Erica Russell was one of my favourite animations I had ever seen, its just amazing, I love the flow, the colours and how sketchy it is. This is the kind of animation I was intrigued about now Hollywood main stream animation which is all I have ever really been subjected to but little pieces of genius. I'm going to look at more of her work and unless I see something I like ever more I would like to do my presentation on it. Anyway back to Maya! CR

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