Monday, 20 April 2009

Final Project Briefing

We just had our Monday chat with Andy, watever he does it seems to work I always come out feeling extremely motivated and so keen to get working. It was a good thing as when I read and heard the brief for the project the thought "ah shit" came to mind. It sounded dull and uninspiring. However after cycling through them I have found a love for Winnie and her timeless re calling of her life. My favourite has to be for her love of Hayle and why she has never needed to go on Holdiay. When she talks you can visualise what she is saying. She has a lot of character and I think her memories would be fun to manipulate and animate.

We got the groups sorted and we are deciding on our roles. At the moment I would quite like to be producer but I'm not sure I can carry the responsibility. My drive fails me sometimes and I need direction. At the same time though I want to create this direction myself. Ahh group work, this should be interesting. We are all mainly pre production orientated. This should mean a soild backing from which to go on hopefully. And then errr yeah....... Animation. Ironic how we are all doing animation yet half the class are trying to steer clear of the animaion itself.

What I like about the group is there is firm belief in stylization, not just the animation. I want to half a concept art and character stylization that will merge with the animation in a way that makes it original and interesting. The pearce sisters that we were shown today was fantastic in its style for its dark humour. Anyway we are all having a gander at styles tonight lets see what happens tomorrow. Time for the beach.

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