Saturday, 18 April 2009


Finally got the finished ChewTv ident up on here. For some reason it still lags on here but at least its up. Overall its alright. I wish I had made decisions quicker and that would have saved me time. Often I tried to take shortcuts in flash and as a result I didnt like the outcome. I would then go on to do what I should have done originally and take up a lot of time for something that shouldnt. My main qualm is that the final animation lacks substance. I ran out of time after playing with ideas for too long and in the end the thought bubbles just ended up as lame banannas. The style of the bubbles also looked quite tacky. The explosion is also poor. I should have made his head inflate so it got the idea across of him just having to much in his head before it exploded so it was more like a grenade exploding. Some of the timing is out also. In short I didnt allow enough time for post production. I spent to much on pre production and thinking to much over it but not actually doing anything. The animation could have been much more slicker had I had the time after I finished it to look over and critically evaluate it. This was down to my lack of time managemennt even though I thought I had laid out enough time.

On the upside I like the character, he has the dopey look I was going for. Also the colour scheme before the bubbles are introduced gives it an alternative feel which I like. I find 2D really rewarding in that you can create a style that is more your own however I think the actual animation side of it is harder currently. Trying to maintain sizes and proportions through turning is hard and my character was simple.... Oh well first personal animation. Can only get better :)

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max@chewtv said...

What an awesome character!

You've totally nailed that dopey look and I think all the consideration you put into getting all the tiny details right make it what it is.

Looking forward to getting a copy off Andy. If you want to make a longer version that reaches your admirably high standards then go for it and send it through. It's got a cool feel to it and could be used universally across most of the Chew TV films.

Well done!