Sunday, 31 May 2009

Epic Blogging session Begins

Should have done this as I went along , would have been quite useful in hindsight but I was more focussed on doing it as opposed to procrastinating and putting down what I have done anyway its so long ago this should be interesting.

In the beginning......

We put together our groups in a random order. At the time I had no idea what our group was going to be like and how it was going to work, we were all kind of pre production people which was a bit of an error as it made delegating roles and keeping everyone happy more of a challenge. Initially we sat down and picked our favourite 3 sound bites each and then made a final decision. Winnie was our sound of choice with her charismatic and batty approach and we focussed in on No Holiday. It was hugely important I felt to get a immense amount of character into her animation as she was such a funny little character. Above are the initial illustrations I was looking at. I was really keen for it to be sketchy and quirky as was Steph. Joliffe and Jess wanted different things. I then went back to the conceptual side and started to look at further images. I knew though that I wanted the animation to be lively, quirky, fun and colourful. Nothing over the top just a cool style that would be fitting with Winnies sound.

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